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WebbotLib Studio pre-release trial


For any Windows folk wanting a peek of the future ...

Feel free to post any observations/questions back here.... but only if they are specifically to do with WebbotLib Studio - ie please don't hijack this thread with general questions about AVR, programming, boot loaders, or even WebbotLib etc which should be your own new thread.

Will be away for the next week and unable to respond but for you seasoned veterans - I'd welcome any feedback.


RSS feed got my attention on this one :)

Might get to look at it this weekend.

Will the stand-alone Board/Project designers still be maintained minimally? (I'd imagine minimal being just ensuring compatibility with future webbotlib releases... for AVRs?)

The Designers themselves are pretty stable and so I won't be adding new features to them.

New versions of WebbotLib itself are also fairly infrequent as it now seems to support most AVRs that people use.

That just leaves supporting new devices which previously required a new release of WebbotLib each time. It also means writing each device for WebbotLib as well as WebbotLib Studio since Studio has its own 'more tuned' version of WebbotLib underneath. The benefit of Studio is that people can choose whether to use the new device or not. If you decide to use it then it only needs to download the new code for that device (a few Kb say) rather than the whole of WebbotLib.

So I guess the answer to your question is - yes it will be minimally maintained - but I would prefer to only add new devices to WebbotLib Studio.


I do realize that the IDE is still in development and there are bound to be issues with it, but is there somewhere we can offer feedback (issues, suggestions)? Or this is what this thread is meant for?

Thanks, and sorry for raising an old thread.

My preference would be to raise any issues on this site (one less place for users to keep checking - hopefully Admin is ok with that).
Create a new post/thread rather than using this one.
Just make sure to put WebbotLib Studio in the subject somewhere to get my attention.

For 'wish list' stuff then just email me. I've got my own one as well. Obviously I will try to prioritise issues over enhancements


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