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Help with first basic guide robot



I'm starting a new robotics project and could really do with some guidance from the knowledgeable folks of the society.

The scope:

Looking to build a guide or telepresence inspired robot but a bit more basic/stripped down

Some examples:

Initially I will be looking for the robot to be driveable initially by gamepad/remote, eventually moving to off-site control like a drone so to speak. So via secure internet/vpn connection to the bot. The last evolution will be to have an automated mode (sensor driven) as well but this will come later.

I would like to be able to voice communicate/have 2 way conversation through the robot with people but they won't have to see me.

Mountings include:

- 15-17inch LCD
- small form factor PC
- front, back and two side facing cameras at around 5" 6 to get a 360 degree views with out having to pan one camera (still open to reducing to 180 degree field of view)
- possibly a small thermal receipt printer
- amplified speakers
- microphone
- some sensors/or camera low at the base to pick up any low laying obstacles
- battery power to last at least 5 hours
- speed up to 2.5-3 mph
- I anticipate the maximum load/weight to be around 60kg/133lbs

The motion I believe works best as 2WD robot with 3rd wheel being a caster wheel.

For this project I'm hoping to keep the spend under $2k for all components

I'm looking for some guidance on motor/servo/gear/controlloer selection/recommendation for that weight and height to start.


Could probably reduce weight down to 30-40kg.

Wheel diameter around 200mm.  The Dongbu Tetra IV has  240mm diameter wheels but a 80kg payload capability.

Would a DC motor suffice for these requirements as notice a number of solutions with some higher payloads utilise AC servo motors?


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