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Algorithm and materials needed for object detection and throwing it away


I have to design an autonomous robot which can throw away the objects placed on the surface avoiding to fall down itself. (The whole robot and objects are initially kept at a height from the ground.) This task has to be completed in a allowed time slot of 5 minutes

But the problem is that how should i go .?? What all sensors and other hardware should i use to complete the task in minimum time? It would be helpful if someone can provide me with rough blueprints

There is not enough information.

How big and heavy are the objects?
How many are there?
What is the shape of the objects?
How are objects discriminated from the surface?
How large is the surface?
Where are the object to be thrown away?
How is the surface discriminated from non-surface?
Is there a weight limitation for the robot?
Have other robots done the same thing before, and if so, how quickly, and how were they designed?
What is your price budget?

The height,shape and mass of the objects will be told on the day of competition and there would be 5-6 objects kept on the surface.
The objects are thrown away from the surface on which it is kept without the robot falling off from the surface.For example if objects are kept on the surface of a table, then the robot has to throw or push the objects off the table without the robot robot falling off the table.
The dimensions area are 2m x 6m (approx) and it would be of the shape of a rectangle
the robot has to weight less than 5 kg and its dimenions should be equal or less than 30 x 30 cms
This is a basic robot model so i suppose this robot has already been done but i tried googling it but didnt get any coding or stuff related to it .

Ok, I think I understand.
There is a table with objects on it.
The Bot needs to find the objects and push them off the table.
The Bot needs to not fall off the table.

The maximum Weight and Size of the Bot give a hint as to the size and weight of the objects.
So in designing the Bot go for as close to the maximum size and weight without exceeding either.

This sounds a lot like a "Sumo robot" and would be a good starting point for your web searches.
There is a lot of info on building and coding on Sumo bots.


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