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Pretty new to the world of robotics, and was hoping to get advice for the components of my robot. I'll give you a run down on what I want it to do first. There's a link at the bottom of my design using Sketchup 8.

V1 - Basically just a tracked chassis. Unsure if RC or computer operation(wireless) would be better. I'm thinking RC transmitter as it is more portable but computer would be easier to control I think. Maybe even an Xbox 360 controller, any advice? Also, don't think I'll be adding a micro at this stage as there isn't really a need for it(unless I go console controller).

V2 - Adding a live feed camera that can be viewed via Ipad if possible(wifi?). I was also thinking maybe a small spotlight of some description. Probably need a micro for this too. Advice on cheaper easy installs?

V3 - Now here's the tricky one, a robotic arm capable of lifting 2-3kg AND live feed sensors so it's 'self aware'(IE - If i ran a pre-programmed command, the arm would align itself correctly before it began the command). I want the arm to be able to spin and bend at the base, bend in the middle, 180* axis for the claw to spin on and open and close claws. This is the part I really need help with the actual build, but also still advice on which components/brands/sites/etc. to use.

Here's the basic build with a few ideas of what's already going into it -

Jacko :D

well for V1 you need to get your measurements down
i can tell you from personal experience that making a tracked platform from scratch is not easy...
you need to find some pre-made tracks and wheels first, then build your robot around that
budget is also a pretty large factor, how many $ are you planning to spend on this?

Everything on the plan is on a 1:1 scale. There will be some minor tweaking like size of servos, reciever, etc. until I can get the specs for the parts I'm using but I've allowed for flexibility here. Was hoping to find a pre-made track and adjust wheel size and number of links to get a good fit. As for money, well I want cheap as possible obviously but don't want really shitty components. So, lets just say $500 in total. But that is flexible if it has to be  :P

Really friggin struggling to find tracks :'(. This is the best I've found so far -

Anyone had any experience with Lego before? Or know where to get rubber track? Needs to be 788.5mm long but we will just round that up to 800mm. I would prefer too have plastic/metal links with rubber pads.

You could look at any of these tracks:

I haven't used any of them or the lego so I cant say how well they work.

I have built a custom set of rubber tracks from incline belting material ... but they took a fair amount of time to develop and construct. If this is a route you seriously want to pursue I can elaborate on the design I developed and what I might do differently next time.


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