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Kinda new to robots need some guidance


I want to build a tracked robot with a pan and tilt camera that I can control via wifi.  I know that I need a micro controller,  2.5 amp motor controller, two servos, and a wifi module. 

I have a chassis chosen already .  Does anyone have a suggestion for a camera and micro controller with built in wifi like this ?  If not I need some help on how to connect some sort of wifi module to the main controller.

Do you really need WiFi? An Arduino with a Xbee (and another Xbee on a PC) would probably be simpler. Or a pair of Wixels, if you think you can learn to program the Wixels.

If you need WiFi, I'd suggest a Raspberry Pi board with a USB WiFi dongle.

With this controller I just need a wireless module that can stream the video and movement commands it doesn't absolutely need to be wifi.

If you need to do movement and control both over WiFi, then you want to use a Raspberry Pi or similar board for that. Microcontroller based controllers do not have the bandwidth for video.
If you use analog video, or a separate WiFi-equipped camera, then you can use Xbee for the control information, and Xbee can be wired to most microcontrollers (including the Pololu one you linked to.)


--- Quote from: elryanoo on October 24, 2013, 06:46:20 AM ---pan and tilt camera that I can control via wifi.

--- End quote ---

Super, duper, wooper easy to install wifi PT IP Camera and cheap as chips!! 

-Pan and tilt 
-easy install 
-live feed/record 
-view from PC/smartphone 

-Kinda largish 
-Potentially up to 2A powerdraw 
-Will have to modify power cable to suit battery connection

 Cheers, Jacko :D


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