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RC Tracked Platform V1, V2, and V3

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Hey guys!
I have been working on RC tracked platforms for the past few years, and I think you guys might like to see some of the things I have made. I have always wanted a fully wireless tracked vehicle with a wireless camera on it, like Superdroid robots, but without costing $18k. I have put the first two prototypes in here too so you can see how I have slowly gone from small to big. I hope you enjoy!

Video of V1 Tracked Vehicle: RC Tracked vehicle #1
Video of V2 Tracked Vehicle: RC Tracked vehicle #2
Video of V3 Tracked vehicle: Coming soon!

Version 3 has two AME 18Nm ~90rpm wiper motors, a Sabertooth 2x25 dual motor controller, a 12V lead-acid battery, 8in pulley wheels, and home-made tracks.
I made the tracks using V-belts (for the pulley wheels of course) with bike tires screwed on to it with short screws. I cut the walls of the bike tires to leave only the tread. Very high traction for a low price! The vehicle is controlled by a 4 channel RC radio controller, which I will soon upgrade to a 6 channel 2.4GHz controller (the Spektrum DX6i). This vehicle is not yet finished. I am awaiting a shipment of the new controller, two giant-scale servos, and a AEG airsoft gun. I will soon have a pan/tilt system for the gun, with my wireless camera on it.

This tracked platform is ~8in tall, 3ft long, and 2ft wide. The largest vehicle I have ever made. Although it is made of all aluminum, it is too heavy to wall-climb over stairs, but it does have enough torque to go up a 45* angle.

For those of you interested, I am using a Uniden portable wireless 2.4GHz surveillance camera that has colour, night vision, zoom, sound, 500ft range, and a portable battery powered monitor. I love this camera, it forks great for putting on large RC vehicles :)

Pictures are in the next few posts! Feel free to ask any questions :D

Pics of V1 tracked vehicle:

Pics of V2 tracked vehicle:

Pics of V3 tracked vehicle:

More pics of V3 tracked vehicle:


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