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Good robot idea but building from scratch

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I'd like to build something like this:

Is this built from scratch rather than using a kit?

Problem is, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to the mechanical engineering of things. I've been looking for resources to learn only to find none on how to actually put the pieces together and understand which aluminum bracket is used for what.

I just need a couple of answers.

First, does anyone have any good resources online or in reading on how to actually build robots with metal components and on selecting the right size chassis based on these components? I would really appreciate it.

Another question, how long do you think it will take someone not well-verse in mechanics, like me, to build something like this?

And lastly, would I be able to make a quadripod similar to this, but that uses Arduino and can climb on walls using suction cups?

If you can answer, thank you so much.

Woah mate,
this is a huuuuuge project. I would really, really recommend starting on something much simpler (like the $50 robot) and continue to mod and add to it. I'm a beginner to robotics as well, however I'm a technician by trade and I can tell you, you can learn a fair bit from mechanical engineering from books, and texts, however, best way to get to know your way around it is to do things. The robot you've mentioned as tons of different axis that its servos work off which would all have to be perfect aligned and mounted, etc, etc. There are a lot of number involved here. So, unless your really committed to do this as your first project, I'd say start on something smaller, the tutorials on this website should be more than enough to get you on your way and there's plenty of people on the forum with much more experience than I who would be happy too help you out (just make sure you search forum before asking). As for the suction cup idea, only numbers and simulation software could tell, but by my estimate, no it won't work.



--- Quote ---Another question, how long do you think it will take someone not well-verse in mechanics, like me, to build something like this?
--- End quote ---
4 to 6 years in a good university engineering program.

I think 4-6 years is an over-estimate. If you already know software development, and are using mostly off-the-shelf parts, and you have the resources (spare time, money,) I bet you can go from nothing to that robot in one year or so. If you also need to learn to make brackets (basic metalworking,) and solder, and such, add another year. If you also need to learn to program, add another year.

Note that it isn't particularly rigid, for example -- all the pieces have quite significant bow and flex, and movements are not smooth. Solving those parts would be much harder. If you have already built other kinds of robots, and have sufficient time, I think it could be done a lot faster than that, even, but that's not the question here :-)

The best way to go from "haven't built anything" to "that robot" probably starts with the $50 robot, or some simple project like that, so the advice in this thread is solid.

Thanks everyone, for the info.

I actually do have time constraints, I have a couple of months honestly.
My idea will still be to create a climbing robot, but I will have to go with a different design.


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