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help building Line Follower Hovercraft

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Hi everybody...
i am new here and also new to robotics.
i want to build a Line following Hovercraft from scratch
so i need ur help guys..


fabrication,hardware components,design,microcontroller,software,best algorithms n every other thing needed....

thnks .... :)

It's probably easier to break your challenge down into smaller questions.

Do you know how to build a hovercraft?
Do you know how to steer a hovercraft?
Do you know how to program a microcontroller?
Do you know how to detect a line?
Do you know how to turn line detection into steering commands?

Once you answer "yes" to all those questions, you have what you need. I suggest you start from the top, and work your way down.
I probably know less than you about questions 1 and 2.
For question 3, I'd suggest an Arduino Leonardo or Nano or similar.
For question 4, I'd suggest a Pololu QTR-8RC detector board, plus software on the Arduino.
For question 5, I'd suggest a PID algorithm.

what about arduino uno..?????
will it work??


Yes, you can control a line following hovercraft from an Arduino Uno. The difference between that and the Nano is mainly weight, which may or may not be a concern for your build.


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