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I am completely new to this forum and want advice on building a RC wired boat(actually this is for a Techfest Competition)
the following link show what I want to build.

My question is here he has used a brush less motor to achieve such a good speed but can we use normal DC brushed motors with 3500 RPM for building such a thing?

and please help me find a good structure to build up the boat so that it can easily maneuver over steep turns and twists.
as the boat will be a wired one we do not have problem with the power supply. Please help me out.

From my experience with full-scale boats, that hull design is actually not particularly good for high speed. The curve instead of a Vee up front means it won't lift out of the water properly.

You can use whatever motor you want, with the appropriate gearing and propeller geometry for the application in question. Ask around on RC boat forums, or get a few options and try yourself.

When you say "wired," what does that mean for a boat? High-current wires (16 ga and thicker) will be pretty stiff, so how could these be trailing the boat while riding around?

I googled "rc boat forum" and found lots of forums that can answer these boat-specific questions for you.


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