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Hi Guys (y)

I'm doing a little research for a project I’ve been working on for the last few months, I hope you can help :?:

I've been working a lot with a the Bioliod GP from Robotis and I’m looking for a worthy opponent, in terms of combat.
The Bioloid GP I'm using has been fully upgraded with the AX-18 and has a number of other mods.

What do you guys suggest?

There are a few robot fighting meets in the world each year. To partake, you'll have to book some internation travel and show attendance.
If you want a worthy opponent more locally, that kind-of depends on where you live. There may be a robotics club in your city/country?

Hi Jwatte,

Thanks for the reply, we are based in the UK (London) and currently run a youtube channel where we battle our Bioliods in what we call SupaRobotAttack –

And what we are looking for is a robot that could stand up to a GP in a fight (y) We’ve experimented with a range of smaller robots, but so far none have stood a chance :/

Try the Darwin-OP?

Or ask Tybs to reincarnate Geiger? :-)

Yes the Darwin-op is an option, slightly bigger robot at 46cm tall - Our characters are all around 39cm (Afro-tack might be bigger with his Afro lol)

If im thinking of the same Geiger! we'd love to have him down to the SupaRobotAttack dojo ^_^ haha

I'd love to hear your feedback on the channel  jwatte or if anyone else has another suggestion?


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