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SainSmart UNO vs. Arduino UNO


I'm thinking of getting started with a simple arduino-type robot.

I was searching ebay and I understand that the Chinese have copied "Arduino Uno" to their own product "SainSmart". I've compared photos of the two and they look identical.

Only the chinese product is way cheaper and additionally it is to be shipped without any shipping costs.

Does anybody here have experience with SainSmart? Is it 100% compatible to Arduino in all ways?

thanks :)

Yes it is compatible. This is totally fine, because the Arduino is open source.

Also, there are clones of the Arduino Uno that call themselves "Arduino Uno," and this is not fine, because Arduino is a registered trademark.

If you plan to make use of the Arduino support forums and tutorials, you might want to do your fair share in supporting those resources by buying a proper Arduino-branded device, though. Else you'd be a "moocher" -- using the support resources, but not using their boards. The clones are typically there for those who already know what they're doing, and just need more boards for cheap, but don't want to roll their own (which is another time-honored way of making cheap Arduinos.)

I haven't decided yet as to which one I'm going to get. This very forum, though, is not specificaly for arduino, is it?

( and is this the most determined captcha I've ever seen, or what? )


--- Quote from: Dimitris on December 01, 2013, 03:24:04 AM ---… ( and is this the most determined captcha I've ever seen, or what? )

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Yes. :)

I got past it eventually so hang in there. You do not even have to say 'Arduino".  ;D

This forum is not Arduino specific. But for Arduino-specific help, you'll find much better resources and faster answers at www.arduino.cc.


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