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This arduino-type robot set up, is it going to do the job?

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I’m thinking of trying to make a simple arduino-type robot that can avoid obstacles.

In order to keep costs down I’m thinking of using a toy car as the basic platform (wheels, stepper motors, battery case etc.) and ordering the rest of the hardware from chinese shops via ebay.

Here’s a list of the hardware I think I’ll be needing for this basic project. What is your opinion? Are the parts compatible and is this set up going to be sufficient?

* SainSmartUNO R3 ATmega328P board (like this one)
* Dual H-bridge L298N motor driver board (like this one)
* ServoMotor
* Ultrasonic distance sensor
* BreadBoard
* LCD (might come handy for the tests)
* Wires
* Resistors (a couple, just in case)
* a led (might come handy)
* a button-=-=-=-=-=-

* toy car
* usb cable (I have printer usb cables so I suppose I don't need to order any).
Something like this:

Thanks :)

How much current do the motors in that car draw?
Can that H-bridge handle the motor current?

Not sure which toy car I'll be using. I just open one and there's one motor for the back wheels but that won't do as I'm changing plans. I'm thinking of a two wheeled platform that can turn around on the spot, running one of the wheels forward and the other backward.

Buy a 3pi robot from Pololu. it already has the microcontroller, motors, wheels, and can turn on the spot. You may need a USB programmer for it, too, which will add another $10. (or $20 if you go with the Pololu branded one.)

but this is very priecy, jwatte..

if I buy the components and assembly it myself it will cost me something like 30 euros or less.


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