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Will $50 robot's code work for other microcontrollers???


I have been interested in robots for a long time and it was by chance that i found this society.When i saw that this site gives all information to make a robot i rounded up a few interested friends and started planning for making a robot.But i am pretty much stuck right now......I have searched throughout my city but could not find ATmega8 AVR chip,which was recommened.The closest i got was some 89C51.....
My question is :- "Will the code given in PHOTOVORE work if another microcontroller is used?"
Pls help me.......

I dont think you will be able to find an ATmega at any store . . . you would have to order it online.

The source code is specific to ATmega's, meaning most of it wont work on any other microcontroller.

But if you can find any type of microcontroller, we can probably find you source code for you to use. No worries!


--- Quote ---The closest i got was some 89C51.....
--- End quote ---
That is an atmel, you need an atmega.

There are different languages for different brands of microcontrollers. For example, parallax uses Pbasic while arduino uses the wiring language. If you don't know how to alter the code from one language to the other, I highly recommend sticking with the atmega. You won't find them, as Admin said, in a store most likely so you need to hop on over to their website or to another website that has them.


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