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Our programmable robotic cooking machine


Hi all,

We're writing to show off a programmable robotic cooking machine that we are pretty proud of.  It's a prototype device where you can control heating, stirring, and set a timer.  This is good for simple stuff like sauteed veggies, or more complex stuff like jambalaya.  We've made some youtube videos of a few meals:

Korean Beef

Chicken Curry

OliveR demo

We'd love any feedback you might have!  If you're looking for more detailed info, you can find us at


Great idea, i have had ideas on automating some basic cooking aswell and you have done qutie a good start (Y). Atm the usability seems quite limited with that setup tho but great for like making soups etc aswell. The current usability would be significantly improved by having different stages of cooking like set temperature higher at first to boil and then lower to stew it etc and containers to hold and automatically add stuff in based on time/stage :)

Anyway good job this far :)

You have posted great idea here.


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