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What's the largest motor a USB port can power?


I want to make a larger version of this --

I am trying to figure out what is the maximum size motors a USB port can power..

I was planning on using 2 stepper motors and I was wondering if there was any tutorial for a robot that would be similar enough that I could use it as a guide.

What kind of components would I need to make a robot like this?

USB can supply up to 500mA. But that device you show uses '3 x AA batteries,' not power from the USB, to power the motors.  :P

You do NOT want to power motors from USB as motor noise will likely damage your computer.

And sorry, I have done no robot control directly through USB . . . so I have no tutorials for that  :-\

ahhhh.. I missed the battery part!   :o

That's a bummer. I don't want batteries.. so then I need somekind of power supply I'm guessing.

Do you happen to have a turotial with stepper motors?

Thank you for the response. I LOVE your site!

Stepper motors, there ya go.

If you follow the banner link at the top of the page (the one that says "Society of Robots) it'll take you to the main page. There are a lot of articles; things like motors are under "actuators" (as motors are just a kind of actuator - actuators are anything that convert electrical energy into kinetic energy)

"I LOVE your site!"
Seconded! To be any better it would have to be a wiki. :)

Thanks again, Gopher.  I saw that big reference section. That is awsome. I was also trying to find a robot tutorial where the motors used were steppers to try to figure out how to make my robot -- what parts I need. I have been researching steppers for the poast couple days.

I am also thinking about making something out of an old printer I have. It's an HP 882C. I wanted to try to modify it and make it a programmable robot. Or maybe I could use the stepper motors from it to make my robot?

There is this clear tape thing that the printer head slides on.. does anyone know what that is for? Is that a positional thing? I notice a positional sensor thing on the paper drive motor but I can't tell if that's the same thing on the head positioner..


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