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RIVERWATCH-A Marsupial Surface-Aerial Robotic Team


I'm sharing a project I've been involved in.
RIVERWATCH is an autonomous surface-aerial marsupial robotic team for riverine environmental monitoring. The robotic system is composed of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) piggybacking a 6-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.

Skip to minute 1:00 for the action. Initially are some slides that explain the project scope and results.

Riverwatch MultimediaReport

Looks great! How far did you get with the team sensor fusion?

This was great. Thanks for sharing! I love the teaming of the copter with the surface vehicle. Very impressive project. Is your path planning primarily through GPS waypoints, using obstacle avoidance, or is the vehicle doing a lot more of the path planning?

Does the boat have any "input" to the use of the copter? For instance, the boat wants to see what is around a bend...can the boat request assistance from the copter to work as a team, so to speak, or is each vehicle working independently and isolated, controlled by a remote operator?



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