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DC Motor Position control with Arduino (PID)


My target is to position-control three DC motors of a Scara robot by implementing PID  on an Arduino Mega micro-controller using Labview.
A GUI is to be developed for the arm to go to a position when the joint angles are entered manually by a user. The position of the motor is to be detected by a potentiometer which will give an analog input to the micro-controller. My question is if this project could be undertaken succesfully by interfacing arduino and labview or are there other better alternatives than labview which provide real-time output. Any help or suggestions on how I should go about this project are welcome.(I have the hardware in place so an outline of how the code structure should be implemented would be very helpful).

An Arduino Mega paired with Labview should have no trouble meeting your requirements. However,  If you don't currently have access to Labview or if you are unfamiliar with it, Processing would also meet your needs and is free.  I assume you are familiar with C/C++ programming since you are programming your Arduino.  Processing is based on Java which is very similar to C++ so you should have no trouble picking it up.


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