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I just need to know that if i am making a voice recognition car,do i need to use some specific library for Axon 2, because I am using Arduino library from Veearu website because I don't know anything about it. This is for My Project.

If somebody can help me?

If you are using the Axon, you can find the example code here:


Or another option-

Webbot studio has added the veear module with some example code and simple state machine.

Haven't had a chance to test it yet though.

I cant connect my micro controller to my computer via usb because i can't find the usbuart0.hex file and Vrbot GUI.
Somebody Please Help ME!!!

I find usbuart0.hex file but in the description it says upload it to detect your com but how to upload it

                                                                      and other thing

The link above, is saying that how to give commands but it doesn't say how to compile and i try compiling codes with the examples codes but it didn't even started the building the codes.

Please somebody help me!!!!
This is my first robotic project!!!!


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