Author Topic: Problem finding wheels for my robot and the motors I have available  (Read 1102 times)

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I'm part of the robotics team of my school, and we're building a couple robots for a competition.

For one of our robots, we have two of these motors :
We are having an impossible time finding decent wheels (with some kind of rubber covering preferably for traction) that fits on the 6mm axis.

We have found hubs and other such things we can put on it in theory to adapt wheels designed for a smaller axis, but they extend the axis to far and our robots design can't fit them in.
The ones we have have a shaft that is 15mm long, we really need wheels that are roughly 15mm in width and don't stick out much more then that.
If the wheel well is hollow so they fit on the shaft and they end up being 16 or even maybe 17mm in width that would be fine.
They need to be roughly 50 to 60mm in diameter with the rubber part included.

We would really appreciate some help with this, we have moved well along with our project but now we are stuck at this point. We have been searching through online shops to try and find something equivalent but nothing seems to be a fit. We are now considering contacting a company that makes special order small mechanical parts to get something designed to suit our needs.

Thanks very much for any help or advice!

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Re: Problem finding wheels for my robot and the motors I have available
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2014, 07:53:49 PM »
I also use motors with a 6mm shaft. I use RC car wheels that are a lot wider, though (several inches.)
I ended up using an adapter that goes from 6mm shaft to 17mm hexagonal hub, which is common on RC cars and trucks.

If you need narrow wheels, I'd suggest perhaps cutting your own hub from acrylic or plywood on a laser or router, and dipping the outer edge in liquid rubber or plastic:

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Re: Problem finding wheels for my robot and the motors I have available
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2014, 07:34:30 AM »
Have you checked out the wheel/hub combinations on Servocity?  They have this set screw hub in a 6 mm version and it's only 9.5 mm wide. Also, the shaft can go all the way through the hub so the width is almost inconsequential.

You can pair it with these wheels which come in various sizes.  The smallest is 50.8 mm diameter.  They have a large hole in the center and the hub can be mounted to either side, so they could be mounted almost flush with the motor giving lots of flexibility to meet your requirements. They are fairly skinny though at only 5.8 mm wide.  If you feel you need a wider tire you could potentially bolt two of these together to double your width.

Another option for a heavier duty wheel is these skate wheels but they exceed your limits being 75.6 mm diameter and 23.9 mm wide.    They are also more expensive and require this drive wheel adaptor to use with the previous hub, or you can forego the hub and mount them directly using this drive wheel adaptor for 1/4 inch shaft (which is 6.35 mm).

All the previously mentioned parts are also available from Sparkfun.

Pololu also offers a wheel/hub combination that would fit your requirements.  They have this wheel which comes in various colors (black, blue, red, white and yellow) and is 56 mm diameter has a tread approx 6-8 mm wide and is 11 mm wide at the shaft.

It works with this hub for 6 mm shafts with 4-40 threaded screw holes, or this hub with M3 screw holes.

Lynxmotion offers these neoprene tires that are slightly smaller in diameter than your specs at 44.5 mm in diameter and 12.7 mm wide.  They pair with this hub for 6 mm shafts.

They also have a slightly larger tire at 54.1 mm diameter but it is wider than your requirements at 20.32 mm.  It would use the same hub as above.

In addition they have 19.1 mm wide tires in 57.2, 63.5, and 76.2 mm diameters that all use the same hub as above.

I know none of these meet your specs exactly, but they should be close enough to fit your needs.
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