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My setup is as follows: a kondo serial servo connected to a pool 8 serial servo controller connected to an axon ii mcu. The MCU has a 5v power supply while the servo has a 12v supply. An analog sensor is connected as well to control the servo however there is no response. Please help. Thanks!

You will need to post a schematic.
Also, you will need to post code snippets for what you're trying to do.

To help with troubleshooting, try doing just one thing. For example, try reading the sensor, and turn on/off a LED with it. Make sure you can get that to work.
Then, try turning the servo back and forth with a delay, without any sensors. Make sur eyou can get that to work.
Then, combine the two.

I tried just operating the servo via the default program generated by Webbot PD. The light on the servo blinked when I connected it's power supply and the light on the Pololu controller turned on in conjunction with the MCU's power. Is there possibly a transmit error??? Schematic on the way...

here is the schematic that you requested, ignoring the analog input as i was able to get that to demonstrate success in a hyperterminal

Does the servo and all the boards share ground? You have to tie the grounds (- connections) together.

Also, if you say the servo is serial, are you using a serial-output controller, or a PWM-output controller?


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