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How to program Axon 2 microcontroller in Avr Studio in detail


If sombody can put a video o how to program the axon 2 microcontroller in avr studio for voice recognition car and how to even transfer data into the microcontroller.
Please help me!!!!

 :) Hello!
I will give it a shot! I have ordered my Avon II, and once I get it,
I can start on the project we had disscused. I will probably have to
buy 2 Avon Motes, to complete the communication chain. I may need your
help form time to time.

Feeling good to see this .
Vinci school is also providing the Robotics programs to their students to explore about the programming of robotics.

 ;) Hello!
Another person in the forum has found the step process to work for the $50 robot;
From the main index of the $50 robot (, I simply followed the instructions under "Step 4 - Programming" for the initial robot, then added code from "Bonus! UART Tutorial Step-by-Step" and "Bonus! Rangefinder Upgrade" Beware of the implications of changing the clock speed in terms of delay and servo commands!
Other than that, I am working on learning AVR Studio 6, which seems to bypass a lot of items before,
and simplify programming immensely. AVR 6 has  a powerful feature, such as MCU simulator for most Atmel
processors. You can "simulate" inputs and outputs to create your program for your MCU without touching
it at that time. Check out my post, Analyzing the Axon: Coding, Construction, and Contraptions, in the Misc section. That gives information I acquired along the path to where I am now.  ;D


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