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Making robot with MSP430 Launcpad?


I have been starting to learn the MSP430 launchpad because i want to make a robot that will move around like a roomba.
The msp430 launchpad is very inexpensive and I started  doing the this MSP430 tutorial:
But the tutorial says that MSP430G2553 has only 16kb of flash and 512b of RAM. Is this sufficient to make something move? I want to control two servos
and have an ultrasonic sensor to measure distance. But I need algorithm to not hit walls. Will this work at all or do i need to use another microcontroller?

The behavior you suggest is very simple, and will fit just fine in the memory space you indicate.
If you want to "remember" things about the environment, and do "path planning," then the memory is probably too small, though.


yes I want to do path planning and remember not to hit obstacles. 512bytes is too small? TI has a new launchpad with more memory and USB, maybe I'll start there. My question is, where can i find information on these algorithms?

Here are some references:


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