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I am attempting to control a servo that is compatible with ICS  3 and is only capable of being controlled via a dedicated serial signal. I assume this is done via UART. Could someone please walk me through controlling a dedicated serial servo?

See if this walkthrough can be adapted to your needs.  It also links to this protocol description pdf.

Is there a way to implement this using the axon ii? I'm kind of a beginner with serial communication. I'm not quite sure where to begin in controlling this servo. If I post the code that I have used with a PWM servo (successfully) is there anyway you would be able to help me understand how to port it to this serial protocol? It would be much appreciated.  Essentially I have a flex sensor (analog) that I want to use to control a servo

Instead of using the "Servo" library, you want to use the "SoftwareSerial" library.
And, to come up with the bytes to send to the servo using the SoftwareSerial library, you should read that PDF (and perhaps go through that walkthrough.)

SoftwareSerial lib from Webbot? That walk through and PDF seems to be intended for RCB4, however as you pointed out, the servo I am using, ( uses the ICS 3 protocol. 


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