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Best metal to make cheap lightweight frame and how to secure motors

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Hi, I'm looking to make a robot on wheels that will be able to pick up tennis balls. I have a chassis made of steel with gears and everything that came from a kit I won in a contest. Now I need to build the frame upwards and am looking for a lightweight fairly cheap strong material. What would you recommended and where could I find them?
Also what is the best method to mount a motor.  Should I use a gearbox. Its a large 5A motor.

My favorite material is 6061 T6 aluminum. It's strong, lightweight, and easy to work with metalworking tools/mills.

Another option is Plexiglas-G, which is easily cut on a laser cutter, is lightweight and reasonably rigid, but not as strong as metals.

Motors are typically used with gearing, because tying a wheel directly to the output shaft is likely to spin the wheel way too fast, which would give you uncontrollable speed if it worked, but it won't work, because the torque will be too little to effectively accelerate the load.

5A may be a lot or a little depending on the voltage, and the weight of the 'bot it's moving.

I second JWatte's suggestion. 6061 square Al tubing has worked wonders for me.  Plus you can say its partially constructed out of "aircraft grade" aluminum, which has a nice ring to it.   ;D

I think "Aircraft Grade" is typically 7050 or 7075, but at this level, who's counting? :-)


--- Quote ---I think "Aircraft Grade" is typically 7050 or 7075, but at this level, who's counting? :-)

--- End quote ---

Lol My mistake. Google is quite misleading. When you search 'aircraft grade' aluminum, 6061 is the first link. 


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