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Soccer Robots Tech United Eindhoven!


Here is the qualification video of the soccer robots from Tech United Eindhoven for the RoboCup 2014.
In this video we show the skills of our soccer robots which play fully autonomous and were the world champions 1 year ago.
Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Qualification Video Tech United Eindhoven MSL RoboCup 2014

We also have a care robot called AMIGO and we also have a qualification video for this robot!
Qualification Video Tech United Eindhoven @Home League RoboCup 2014

Interesting! I see almost no trying to steal the ball like you'd do for a human game. Perhaps the "cavity" that can hold the ball makes that less of a winning strategy.

It is however possible for robots to steal the ball from other robots. This happens when the the ball is in between two ball handlings (which you refer to as cavity) of different robots. The robot that can pull hardest on the ball will win this scrum and remain/gain ball posession. Maybe you can find them in some ofther video's on our youtube channel!


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