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What type of mechanism can climb a pole?


I need to move an instrument up/down via remote control.
Weight around 3 pounds (1Kg), up/down about 10 feet(3m). It can be mounted on some sort of pole, supported at both ends. Movement should be fast, accuracy unimportant.

I use this as an example, see pic below or

I looked into CNC glide rails but they are for horizontal movement.

An ACME lead screw with a lead nut, and perhaps two guide rails with linear bearings, would solve this just fine. It would be highly accurate (if driven by a stepper motor) but not very fast.

A faster way is to use the two guide rails, and use a winch of some sort, with a controlled motor to run the winch, and perhaps limit switches for detecting each end stop.

I would recommend the winch type of concept as well.

A few ideas:
- You can put a motor at the top with a spool and haul your load up with a cable/rope
- If the motor can not be placed at the top you could use a pulley at the top and place the motor elsewhere
- To allow even faster motion you could place a pulley at the top and bottom and use a continuous loop of cable/rope. The cable/rope then would be wrapped around the motor shaft one or more times to drive it. You will need to be sure that the cable/rope is taught for this to work well.

Or if the mechanize needs to be independent then it can wrap around the pole. Have to wheels (pulley like) at 120° apart that are idles (no drive, just free turning). Then a third wheel, 120° part, that is driven by a gear motor. You will need some sort of tension on one of the wheels to provide traction.


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