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Arduino and motor battery


Sorry, probably been asked 1,00 times before!

I wish to power two micro 6v motors.  I am using a  Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries - 1000mAh 3.7V  battery and a Pololu Adjustable Boost Regulator.  Can I use the output to power both the motor and the Arduino Due board or do I need separate battery for the board?

Thanks in advance

In theory yes, in practice how you wire from the boost converter to the Arduino and motor driver is important.
What you want is separate set of wires to each but since these motors do not draw much current you shouldn't have much problems. So give it a try.

Thank you.  If the preferred is separate wires, does that mean that ideally it would have separate batteries?

The main problem will be the output power of the boost converter. If each of the motors draws less than 500 mA when stalled, you should be OK. You may want to add a large electrolytic capacitor on the input to the Arduino, as well as small ceramic capacitors across the motors, to make sure that spikes don't make it into the Arduino power supply.

If your motors draw more than 500 mA each when stalled, your Arduino will likely reset or misbehave when load goes up -- which includes right at start from stand-still.

Thanks all. Ok I'll put a 2nd battery to safe. What's the easiest lightest battery that will power the due?


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