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Hello! I saw this post http://www.societyofrobots.com/electronics_irda_tutorial.shtml and that's exactly what i have to do. I have TFDU4101 transceiver and i tried to connect the IR directly to the MCU (How i connected it's pins: 1-5V, 2-NC, 3-MCU Tx, 4-MCU Rx, 5-tried with +5v and with ground too, 6-+5V, 7-NC, 8-GND) and it didn't work. After that i tried the MAX232 - ENCODER - IrDA transceiver scheme. I did the exact scheme that TOIM4232 provides on page 5 (if you look on TOIM4232 datasheed) and again, didn't even send something, not to say about receiving. I looked on oscilloscop, and there is no info on MAX232 Tx. Don't know how to make this transceiver work, i was looking on admin's tutorial and saw that he used 4 pins from TFDU transceiver. So, does he used only Tx,Rx,+ and GND? (so pin 1,3,4 and 8?). Sorry for grammar or any other english mistakes, i'm not that good at english.

For us to understand what you're doing, I think you need to post a proper schematic.

Also, if you drove +5V directly into the IR LED from your microcontroller, that's a lot more than most IR LEDs are rated for, and it's possible you burned it out. I'm not familiar with TFDU4101 specifically, so I don't know if this is a risk or not.

I did the exact schematic from toim 4232 datasheet, pag.5 and it doesn't work. I checked it to be sure i did it corectly and everything is good. I was looking on admin's schematic and it looks easier but don't know what are those 4 pins that he is using from ir transciever

I only used four pins on the IRDA, Tx, Rx, +, and GND.

Did you invert Tx and Rx by accident? Tx goes to Tx, and Rx goes to Rx.

And what irda did you use? TFDU4101?


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