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Hello. Im wondering if there is a type of push button that is highly sensitive. I need a button that can work with an arduino and could be activated by the pressure of a healthy sized raindrop striking it.
Sounds like a silly question right?
I can't seem to find anything like that and I figured someone here may have a few good suggestions.
I am not looking for a sensor that is activated by moisture.
Also, I am aware that water could ruin the circut but I already have a few ideas in mind to prevent that from happening.

A piezo-electric unit could easily detect the force of a rain drop.
You could also use a microphone, perhaps with an opamp.
The main problem will be how to clamp the output voltage of the piezo element (which can be more than the AVR likes) and how to detect it when it's very brief -- you may need to use interrupts for this.


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