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recent news on legality of drones concerning the FAA

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Interesting pro-argument for drones . . .

I agree with the FAA on the need to develop rules to keep the skies safe in regards to drones, as per the below video. However, the FAA has missed legally required deadlines to do so. Drones will make the sky safer, because machines will not have 'human error'. The FAA needs to stop it's intentional feet dragging and modernize . . .

FAA expands 'non-commercial use' rule for drones to include non-profit search and rescue. Their intentional feet dragging with the understandable claim of not wanting to take risks with air safety will now put lives at risk. Read more:

Another real problem is that hobbyists, and scofflaw professionals, violate the FAA rules and fly higher than 400 feet, with seemingly no consequences. A little bit more enforcement of that part would probably go a long way towards avoiding the near-misses we've seen close to airports.

Of course, enforcement (and rulemaking) requires money, and Congress seems to think that we should spend less money on the Federal government, not more, so I'm not holding my breath.

For commercial (non-hoby) quadcopters according to the FAA you can not even leave the ground unless you are in an enclosed area such as a building or a fenced (including roofed) area.

They are being a bit extreme about this. There could be an easy set of rules:
For a aerial vehicle smaller then X:
1. Max height of x feet (maybe 100 ft)
2. Stay at least x miles from airports (maybe 1 mile)
3. Sound level needs to be below x dB if you are within x feet of people.

There was also the recent court case where a Judge said FAA does not have the authority to regulate drones

The controlled flight drone rules are:

1) non-commercial
2) max altitude 400 feet
3) max range must always be within unaided visual site
4) must have a remote control backup (in case autonomous mode goes crazy)
5) can't fly in restricted areas (near airports, in cities, over military installations, etc.)

I am taking issue with the rules for commercial applications.

However I do recognize that I want to be able to operate quadcopters where I can not see them and can not necessarily take manual control. Which even the non-commercial rules do not allow.


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