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what tool is next?

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I have asked before for advice in tools but I just gave 2 options now I am giving any option possible. what I want is a long lasting high quality machine that helps me make things in a quick period of time and prototype fast. but the things should still look good and perform even better. open for suggestions.

3D printer?

I am thinking of a 3d printer because it meets everything I said but my only question is if it can make things that are robust enough.

I suppose that depends on what you mean by "robust". I use 3D printers to prototype new machines I'm working on. I've successfully printed precision cutting heads for plotters, linear bearings, gears, tool holders... The list goes on.

I've also produced prints that are clean enough to actually sell as a finished product.

I believe that would do. A 3d printer will work for what I am doing. now the only question is which one to get. I am in the $1000 price range any ideas?


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