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I was wondering if anyone here has got there hands on or have an JD Revolution Humanoid Robot from EZ-Robots.

If so, could you provide some information on it and post it here on your experiences with it and like a mini-review or whatever. I'm just looking for some info on this robot before I buy it from them just to make sure that I'm buying something worth while.


I dont have one bt I do have the ez DIY kit and it is great. but I think you should post this question on their forum they have a great comunity I am shure somebody wold like to make a video for you.

But if I where you I wouldn't go for JD, buy a printbot simple 3d printer for $350 and the DIY developer kit for $230 for a total of $580 and I assure you you will have a ton me fun. With this simple 3d printer you can print the body parts for JD, SIX, and the other guy that I forgot his name. And then you can move into printing other stuff. I think It is definitely worth your $80 more.

Hmm interesting thought. I haven't really looked too much into 3D printers I guess I'd have to do more research but I think it would be easier for me due to the wiring and such.

I don't know... I think I kinda like the fact that I can get the package ready and easy to go from them but I do like your idea because I can do even more with it.

I'll post on their forum as well. Thanks for your input!


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