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Quick Battery Pack and battery holder Question!

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um will this fit into the 3 pin male header? :(

and also, if it does, how do you know? is the male header universal arounf the world? like does it ALWAYS stay the exact same length and size(male header)???! i must no!

HELP and THANKS in advance! but HELP more!,  :D ??? :-\

Doesnt let us see it Knightimer unless we log into the website...

Copy the images URL and post it on here so we can see then well be able to help :)

oh but do you no if, the male header in the $50 tutorial, would fit everything? is it 'universal'?..

btw i cant get the image!

well honestly I can really tell you if it would be compatible without seeing it because there are various types that are widely used... The ones we are dealing with are typically... hey Ill just google image one and show YOU what it should look like :)

The one on the right (the smallerish one) is the end you want to have on all your components for the project :)

Its called a "Futaba J" connector
that one is the Male connector. Most sites give you the option of a male or female connector.
On all orders for this project, if given the option, get the "Futaba J male connector" for it :)

Hope this helped!

hey thanks! it help alot dragon!


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