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Could someone help me with the problem statement of this event..?? I am thinkin of building a robot for this event.. could someone please help..???  the link to the statement is...

The name of the event is capture the flag...


Wow that is awesome. That sounds like a REALLLLLYYYY fun event...

What exactly do you need help with CrazyDude?

i actually want a method by which i can detect the opponent robot... i am thinkin of usin a basic line follower principle in the automatic robot... but cannot think of a method to detect the opponent's manual robot..

also, the flag is situtated at a certain ht.. so i am thinkin of usina an extendable arm for it... but have to get it in without detection..

my budget is around 150$ so i dunno whether i will be able to fit all this..

On thing you could do is have a basic line follower and then then hook up a range finder to it with the range finder facing outwards of the circle and have it quickly running around the circle drawing a map of its surroundings and then anytime it gets a reading thats significantly closer than what its map says, it stops following the line and tracks the target. If suddenly the target drops out of viewing range, it goes back to following the line until it picks up its target again.

just a thought

150$ is quite low budget if you want to buy a robot arm to.
You're going to have a real hard time selecting your components to stay under the budget... You should try to build as much as possible yourself (base, maybe even the arm) .


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