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CFD software recommendations for robot fish?


So I have a question refering to CFD fluidic flow analysis around an underwater vehicle . . . I basically want to determine how streamlined the vehicle is, design for maximum effectiveness of tail fixed rudders, and determine drag forces.

I am using Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD to produce the vehicle design, and have a collection of .iam assembly files that I want to analyze in CFD. They can be saved as the .sat filetype, as the other filetype .iges tends to lose its volume from some Inventer software bug.

So the question is, what CFD analysis software would be recommended? My only requirement is that I can easily import my CAD files into it easily. Accuracy isnt that big a deal, but ease of use is. Producing pressure gradient distribution maps is required. Software price isnt a big deal.

Also note that the thing to be analyzed is a complex shape (robot fish) within the macroscale (no microfluidics analysis software, please).

Anyone familiar with this Femap CFD software?
and for more info

OK since posting this I spoke to someone who recommended:


And Fluent

she warned, "I don't know of any ways to do that cheaply and easily. CFX and Fluent will do it but they're expensive to buy. It may be difficult to find someone that will let you use them for free. They may also be difficult to learn to use."

Anyone have experience with any of these?

I have used Fluent at my faculty.

CFD simulation is split into two parts. First you have to set up geomety, computing grid and boundry types (eg. wall, air inlet, etc.). So you must learn 3D modeling and gain some knowledge about meaning of different grid setups.

Next step is to load the geometry with computing grid into next program, where you set up simulation. First you have to set boundry conditions, select apropriate models (a lot of them, with a lot of different parameters for each model...) and then you run simulation.

My mentor had to explain me everything a couple of times before i was able to do a simple simulation.

CFD simulation can help you, but of course you should also use some measurments taken of some real model.


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