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I made a crude drink pouring system today.. All it is is a soda bottle holder on a motor with stoppers. It pours the drink into a funnel which flows into a cup. It works but there is some leaks .

I was thinking of making a system where everything is automated. Have a robot arm unscrew the cap and then pour.
The bottlecap gripper will be a clamp style gripper .It can be found here:

Here is the steps Im thinking of using.
1. Open minifridge using motor
2. Regular gripper moves along a track and grips the bottle.
3.Regular Gripper moves backwards and stops
4.Clamp style gripper is lowered on a second vertical track and grips bottle cap.
5. Clamp spins 180 degrees.
6.Clamp gripper moves back up vertical track with the bottle cap in its fingers.
7.Regular gripper tilts bottle and pours into cup.
8. Brings bottle up after a set amount of time
9.Master enjoys the drink

Total of 7 servos

Can anybody help me to make this simpler???? or any other ideas?
,Eric (airman00)

P.S. Im not using pumps cuz then I would have to clean the tubing.

Also will ~100 ounces of torque be enough to have a good grip on the cap?

Here are some details of the tracks.
Each track will consist of a rack and pinion (can be found at
The gear will be mounted on an axle which has a chassis. The chassis holds the soda bottle.

And the horizontal track is in charge of moving the soda bottle and the vertical track is in charge of moving the clamp in order for the unscrewing the bottle cap.

For those of you who don't know what those gears do. Here is an animation

Also please answer my previous posts

Perhaps just make a single robot arm with no more than 4 servos? Thats whats great about arms, they can do any motion you need . . .

Perhaps use a worm gear motor for the base so you have enough torque.

And remember, do the torque calculations before buying motors for a robot arm . . .

(hope my reply isnt too late)


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