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anyone know where to buy this one?

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Hi all,

I have a picture of a rubber part that I want to buy to make tread belt system for my robot but the brand name is not clear enough. Anyone who knows this brand would you please show me how and where to buy it. In case you have another brand with the better rubber quality please also tell me.

Any suggestions and comments are welcomed and much appreciated.

Thank you!

hmmm I dont recognize that . . .

try looking up 'conveyor belt material' as another type of tread material

I found out what it is. I had to enhance the image a bit and also strain my eyes but I got it! :)
The brand name is "Rubber Queen". As far as an actual product I havnt found it yet, but im looking.

Their website is: buts its not helpful in the least...

I downloaded their catalog thingy but all I could find that was even close to that is "Trimmable Patterned Tuff Mats" which might actually work decently well for what your looking to do

Thank you for ideas, i may have to find another tread but i think this rubber part is common because it is used for the Truck, SUV and Van as you can see in the picture. Thx again

@HDL_CinC_Dragon: how can u improve the image quality? ^^

I didnt improve the image quality but I enlarged it to a higher resolution and then zoomed in further so that I could see more of the image despite how grainy it was and I just kinda picked out letters of the words, put em together and googled searched until I found it... only took me 2 tries :)


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