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My first robot frame!

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So now I have ordered the electronic needed to start to build simple stuff, but I need a frame to attach it to, right? ;)

I, like 99% of other people think tracks are really cool. But after reading around everyone say that tracks are very very hard to do good. Even after reading this I think of building a frame with tracks.

So I was wondering, what is the really difficulties with using tracks? Also, will it make much easier if I use lego tracks like the ones belove and attach a technic gear to a servo instead of re-inventing some kind of track driving?

The robot I plane to build is the all famous 50$ Robot, but as I have way to much time at hand right now (and next week) I might as well try to pimp the frame up a bit (If the track idea is not to hard.)

Lego tracks are cool, but very small. So it's good (cheap!) to use lego's for beginner robots. :)

I personally like to have more than enough ground clearance for all my robot's (distance from the frame to the ground) but the lego tracks have very limited ground clearance...
But for indoor use this is of little importance.

Here is my frame so far:

It is made out of stuff I found at home. Mostly old R/C parts and Lego.
The Lexan polycarbonate (I think thats the English name for it?) I got for free at a shop which sells windows to cars and houses. Places which work with plastic/metal/ wood and so on normally have a lot of left overs which they never can use as it to small for them so they are more then happy to give it away for free. I got two 40x40cm sheets for free and was more then welcomed to come and get more if needed.

Right now I'm a bit concerned of the speed of the thing, but time will tell I guess. If its to bad I will just remove the tracks and replace them with some wheels.

Yeah speed is never really a super strong point for tracked vehicles but that really is only limited by what motors you use.

Just a quick question,

Will it course any problems to use a 4.8V battery ? Thats the only thing I had, thats not the size of a NiCad  battery.


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