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is this a good product????



it looks good what do you think
anyone haveone

This all depends on what you want from the product, and what you'll use it for...
And how can you tell it looks good from a bad quality 150 x 150 pixel image? ;)

Personally I wouldn't buy this from an online shop, I'd much rather go buy it in a local hardware shop.
Because :
*You can really examine it closely before you buy it there.
*There's more choices than on a website
*It'll cost less
*And there are no shipping costs

yes you have a point but there is no stores around me with a mini drill press?

hmmmm that looks really ghetto . . . but for the price its hard to beat . . . try to get a X/Y table and a vice for it, i wouldnt use a drill press without one - so useful!

this is what I own:
with this X/Y table:
and this vice (which is very poor quality, but still useful):

this looks kinda nice . . . but probably way too expensive for you . . .

then the even more expensive but high quality stuff . . .


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