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advice on milling fiberglass?

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I plan to do some milling of fiberglass plates, but somehow I feel its not going to work like plastics or metals . . .

I googled around for tips on milling fiberglass with no luck.

Anyone with suggestions? Preferred endmill type? Feed and tool speed? Safety notes?

As a side note . . . what is the density and tensile strength of fiberglass? Was unable to find it with the previously mentioned links . . .

This might be a good starting point ...

Also, wear a mask. 


If you don't go really slowly with it you can rip chunks out of what you're doing.  Also don't breath the dust -  when I've done other, non robotic, stuff with fibreglass I've always found that its a good idea to have a vacuum cleaner next to me as the dust as well as being pretty bad for you itches like all hell.

Ive worked with carbon fiber in the past, I figured Id treat fiberglass the same.

I already put in an order for a good face mask and a 5 flute endmill (Im guessing that will work better for it?).

i used a drill press for fiberglass
and cut it with a hacksaw


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