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Find me Biped Designs!

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Ok, I have made the decision to go to Japan and compete in the Robo-one competition for either '07 or '08, depending on when it is and my schedule.

So I want to make my first biped, for real this time and not keep quiting when it looks too hard/expensive . . .

I figure it would be nice to have a bunch of designs from various other servo driven bipeds to draw ideas off of.

So if anyone finds good specs, or closeup images where you can make out the mechanics/electronics of a robo-one like biped, please post!

To start off, I am posting the robonova specs:
Unfortunately those images are a little low on resolution . . . anyone have access to better closeups, or even the assembly manual for it?

Well, dunno about designs but I found the actual rules for Robo-One posted here. They're called unofficial because they were independently translated from the official japanese rules. That site also has some info on various custom RO 'bots.

Futaba is releasing a new biped . . .

Has tons of closeup pics of the design, including electronics

Does it have to be humanoid? There was a great raptor style dinosaur design. I think it was made at MIT. I will try to find it again.

I just found a video of the futaba bot . . .


it can do headstands, and 'walks' like a really fast old lady . . .


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