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Control a pan/tilt webcam


How can I control a pan/tilt webcam from a visual basic program?

I found this, but its in php . Any idea how to make it into visual basic?

Many thanks,

Im assuming your pan/tilt uses servos, right?

Look around for something called a servo controller.
(such as here

Then you would need your visual basic program to send the proper commands to the servo controller out your serial port:,DGUS:2006-11,DGUS:en&q=visual+basic+serial+port+example

There are USB methods too, but will probably be harder:

Steve Joblin:
check out this thread at Parallax... he controls a pan/tilt webcam using VB via Roborealm...

Yea, i ended up using Roborealm to do image processing. I took an example for the logitech orbit online and played around with it. Its really cool now. The camera follows a certain color object around and then the robot begins to follow the object around.

Thanks steve


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