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Could you program a robot to beat one of these? I am pretty sure you could!



possible  for sure

all you need is a solenoid to push the button and a very good camera. ( and a whole lotta programming and hardware to connect the two properly)


also, how would you test it? ( buy your own stacker???)

Either that or use a lot of coins!

You could take a video of it and get the speeds of the moving blocks and then program a simple program to simulate this on the screen.  It wouldn't be 100% but you could tweak and get pretty close to the exact simulations.

However if a store person sees you with a camera and solenoid setup on the machine they are probably likely to get a little bit stroppy at you! So if you were to make one you would need to make it inconspicuous eg have a camera mounted in glasses which interact with a small solenoid device wirelessly or with a limited number of wires so it can be easily hidden!


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