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eagle cad library for ATmega644, ATmega168


Anyone have the eagle cad library file for ATmega644 and/or ATmega168? My google search has failed. I have like 6 different Atmel libraries and none of them have these two AVR's :-\

The ATmega168 is pin compatible with the ATmega48. One can use the ATmega48 definition in EAGLE CAD.

BTW, Sparkfun's EAGLE library has the ATmega168. I have an old version of the Sparkfun (6.6.07) library and I can see the 168. No 644 though, but it _could_ be available in a newer version.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

I just cooked up this library for the 40-PDIP package of the ATMega644.
(I added a .jpg extension to the filename to be able to upload it here. It is in fact an .lbr file)

Hope this helps!



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