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rail track competition

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im new to doin a autonomous robot i.e rail track inspecter.....can u plz help me in solving the logic behind this......and what kind of sensors should i prefer for this.plz reply me.
What do you mean by rail track sensors?

actually i need help abt how to start & proceed....and the exact ques is

plz i need some help in doing above mentioned robot.

hi udayhere2002,
you really aren't giving us much to go on.
try explaining to us all how far you have got.
i'm sure there are plenty of people here who can help you with specific questions but i don't think you will have much luck asking someone else to design your robot for you.

if you are looking for "howto" type tutorials, try searching the internet.
this link is a good example of the sort of thing you are looking for:

good luck with the project!



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