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Question on robot designs.

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Since i don't know where to buy meterials for a chasis i was curious how to make a frame from a old R/c car i have in my closet it still works. Also if i can use any parts from the car to put on the robot? Thanks

Steve Joblin:
Materials for a robot chasis are all around you... Home Centers like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears Hardware, Ace Hardware, etc. are all great places to get materials.

Many folks have modified R/C cars and turned them into robots... It is difficult to give specific suggestions without knowing the make/model of your R/C car.

could you provide some links on how to Modify r/c cars into robots?

The make/model is: Hacksaw 4x4 made by Radio Shack the cat # is 60-4291
battery pack 9.6 volt

I dont know what microcontroller to buy

the back motor which spins the tires has the following wires: blue, green, orange, red, black, white (total 6 wires)

the front motor which turns the tires has these: white, black (total 2 wires)

power supply: black, red (total 2 wires)

I plan to put also a IR Rangefinder and a servo on this. I dont know how to put these into the microcontroller.


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atleast, thats how I learned.
There is also a tutorial made by a member of SoR that has entered the 200$ robot competition about this. "From a toy to a boy"

Nothing personal, but without any effort from yourself you won't learn, and you certainly won't succeed in building the robot. :-\ :)
Consider it good advice ;)

As far as making a frame for your robot I generally go in these steps:

1.  Make a base for the eletronics/batteries.  

             I typically will take a 8x8 inch plastic sheet(or metal, or wood) and place my eletronics on them, and mount it.

2.  Design moving parts.

             This is where google sketchup, or a trip to homedepot is very handy.  It works best if you can link servo/motor directly to the moving peice.  However, a servo's internals can break if the peice is hit too hard and pushes beyond the servo's movement range.  As such, I tend to try and add a stopper in somehow.  

3.  Decide the best way to attach moving parts to your base.

              This is what can make/break durability.  Assuming your moving parts are somewhat strong..  there attachement to the base is crucial.  Too weak, and it snap off the base.  So be sure to add extra bolts/washers here.


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