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This might be one of the easiest questions ever asked. I'm doing some research on buying 12 servo's, wich is quite expensive for me at the moment. So I was looking around, and the cheapest I've found (Hitec HS-311) have a Torque of "42 oz/in (3.0 kg/cm)". What does this mean exactly? How can I check if it can lift 6N?

reall all of this

hell. why not read all of this and every link shown

I've read that. But my question was what 3.0kg/cm meant. So, why are the centimeters there, is it the gear diameter? That's the part I wasn't able to understand

read this:

so that number is torque, meaning the amount of force it can give out with a certain length beam.

sorta like a crowbar, where the length affects force.

so 42 oz * in means it can give a force (lift a weight) of 42 oz for an inch long beam. or 21 oz for a 2 inch long beam. etc.

if your robot arm was 42 inches long, it could lift 1 oz (not accounting for lifting itself).

a'ight... Thank you :)


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