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complete noob needs help building ornithopter


hi guys i am a complete noob with no experience at building robots..i just recently decided to start. i want to build an ornithopter...does anybody know where theres like a site or a tutorial somewhere that could teach me?

Steve Joblin:
As a beginer to robotics, I suggest you start with the basics before you attack complex issues such as flight.  Have you built the $50 robot yet?  If not, I suggest you start there.  You might also want to buy Wowee's Dragonfly (available here and at other places to see how it was designed.

this might help:

remember to search the forum before asking! its all here already . . .

try ornithopter, bat, bird, etc in the search bar

Noob huh... maybe you really want a challenge that is why you like to create this one..

trivia from wow wee :

Jeff:How long did it take to move it from inception to final production?

Sean(Wow Wee team member): The first RC dragonflies I had built were completed around mid 2003, but the direct ancestor of the Dragonfly was built in January 2006, and production began a little less than one year later, on December 22nd, 2006.



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