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Circuit design/simulation software?

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I've been researching what software exists for designing and simulating electronic circuits. I'm currious, what (if any) software people use for this, or have used before.

I'm just scratching the surface with Eagle but it's becomeing the opensource (free speech and free beer) standard for Layout and design

Looks interesting; I've been researching the subject because I'm concidering writing a circuit design/simulation package (as a first step towards a larger project). Eagle, like most other packages I've seen, seems to largely be a tool for preparing formal circuit boards. Is ordering or machine-fabricating custom boards more common than I think? I tend to imagine hobbyists doing this kind of work by hand...

The tool I'm planning is much simpler, and will be designed more for quickly and easily experimenting with circuits; it won't let you refine a design to the point that it can be machine-made, but it will let you put together a simple circuit and simulate it in action; if you have sensors, you'll be able to control or script their inputs to verify that your circuit behaves as it's supposed to. I'm really more interested in what software is out there with this kind of simulation, and I haven't really found much in my searches...

I don't really know what eagle has available....alas i am no ee.....just cs...... :-\

Well, I went through their "guided tour" and didn't see anything about simulating the circuit, just some basic automated validity checks. I used to have a program for my old Apple][GS, when I was very young, which is the closest thing I've seen to what I'm envisioning. I know such simulation software must exist, but from what I've seen it seems to be mostly targeted at professional applications and massive projects, which is fine but would likely be overwhelming to many novices starting out and just plain overkill for many small robot projects.

Basically I'm wondering if there's an untapped market here (however small). My simple circuit simulator would be able to stand alone, but it's greater purpose is to support a 3d robot simulator I would develop later. Again, this would be designed to target hobbyists, people designing BEAM robots and other simple autonomous bots rather than professionals developing more complex commercial or industrial robots. Basically it'd be a way to rapidly prototype chassis ideas and allow easier testing of software by eliminating the need to reprogram the bot to test every minor change.


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