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Could some one explain how a microswitch works for a collision detection circuit, and where I can buy one? I don’t want to use whiskers, and I’m not sure if I need to design some kind of skirt.

Whiskers are required . . .

here is a quickie tutorial for microswitch tactile collision detection . . . its one of those tutorials i never really developed fully . . .

also decent for the detection of being high centered (or better yet use two and detect if you *might* get highcentered)

I have three positions on my microswitch Common, Normally Open, and Normally Closed. How would I connect them to a microprocessor.

your microswitch only has two positions: open and closed.

however there would be three connections for wires: common (ground), normally open, and normally closed. you only need 2 of them.

connect common to ground, and connect either normally open OR normally closed to a digital output. all that means is one connection will give you a binary high (until switch is pushed), and the other will always give a binary low (until switch is pushed). for a microcontroller it doesnt matter which one you choose.


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